A Look Into Paradise From A New Crew Member's Perspective

A Look Into Paradise from New Crew Member's Perspective As I rolled down the winding driveway into Paradise, I was met with a true glimpse into what my first season at Paradise will look like. I passed under the ranch catpost, which is essentially two large and sturdy wooden poles with a third pole meeting the two to signify that I had finally arrived at Paradise. The ranch’s brand is PR and FUN, a hint into my (and yours!) experience for the season. I see the winter herd of horses munching on grass in home pasture, enjoying the rest that winter offers before the guest season begins. Even during covid times, I was met with warm hospitality and friendly faces from the full time staff who spent their winter up at Paradise. While there was hardly any snow on the ground when I arrived in May, there was enough for my pup to dig into and roll around in. I couldn’t tell who was more excited to be here, she or I! We had both been waiting for this adventure for months, and were elated to be in Paradise. As a new ranch crew member, learning the ropes to the office and how Paradise runs its outfit was essential for a great guest season. The details of the office are important but not as enticing as are the fundamental reasons of why Paradise is the way it is, and why so many guests decide to make Paradise their annual vacation. While I’m unable to speak on behalf of our guests, I can share my story with you. One of the reasons I decided to move from Nashville to Paradise was due to the sincere and genuine conversations I had with its co-owner and manager, Leah Miller. I applied for many...

5 Reasons Paradise Guest Ranch Is the Best Dude Ranch Experience in Wyoming

5 Reasons Paradise Guest Ranch Is the Best Dude Ranch Experience in Wyoming The wild west is alive and thriving in the northeastern corner of Wyoming at the scenic and historic Paradise Guest Ranch. Founded in the late 1890s, this ranch takes guests back in time to a place where cattle drives, log cabins, and mountain vistas reign supreme. Here, the pace of your day is dictated by sunrise and sundown, the hoofbeats of your trusty steed, and everyone’s favorite timekeeper—the dinner bell. This is old fashioned fun for families and friends alike. Spend a week at Paradise Guest Ranch horseback riding, fly-fishing for rainbow trout, and hiking to remote destinations with unparalleled scenery. The ranch is easy to access from the international airport in Billings, Montana, and also offers shuttles from regional airports in Sheridan, Gillette, and Casper, Wyoming. Here are a few of the reasons why you need to get to Paradise this summer! 1. UNLEASH YOUR INNER COWBOY AT PARADISE GUEST RANCH The star attraction of any dude ranch worth its salt is the horseback riding. Paradise Guest Ranch does not disappoint! Their 180-horse herd is full of personality and offers something for every guest—from first-time riders to those with years of experience. Mount up for a guided trail ride through literally a million acres. You’ll walk, trot, and lope alongside sweeping mountain vistas, in meadows full of wildflowers, and through thick forests of pine. During your ride, keep an eye out for native wildlife like antelope and mule deer! Rides vary in length from two hours to full-day trips. You will also have the chance to practice your cowboy skills in the arena with team penning, where riders hone their horsemanship skills by cutting steers from the herd. 2. FISH UNDISCOVERED HOLES TEEMING WITH CUTTHROAT AND...

Springtime in the Rockies!

Springtime in the Rockies Escape the heat in June to a place in lovely Wyoming where summer is just beginning. Warm days, wildflowers, and wildlife abound during June at the ranch. Take advantage of our legendary horseback riding program, blue-ribbon fly fishing and enough of the creature comforts to refurbish yourself before returning to that hectic world out there. Our Paradise Family will take care of you with a mix of Wyoming hospitality, enthusiasm, and all of our traditional amenities and activities. Book a trip now June 7th – 14th and receive $150.00 off per person! Book soon as this discount is offered on a space-available basis.

Casper and Cody

FUN facts The Mini Donks, Casper and Cody Did you know that Paradise Guest Ranch got 2 Miniature Donkeys in 2017? ​ Ever heard of mini donkeys? They were introduced to the US in 1929, but are native to the Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. There's a lot to know about mini donkeys, and here are 2 favorite FUN facts: 1. They have both monocular and binocular vision. The monocular vision allows them to see two fields of vision at once, and the binocular vision allows them to focus on the same thing with both of their eyes at the same time! Amazing! 2. Mini donkeys have incredible hearing. Each ear can move independently to locate multiple sound sources. Not only do their ears allow them to hear super well, but they are an excellent blood supply! Why does this matter, you might ask? Well, this blood supply is a desert adaption for cooling their bodies since they originate from high-temperature climates. Who knew right? Mini donkeys are pretty amazing, and Casper and Cody are no exception! This winter they have been learning the skill of pulling a cart, thanks to Hannah and Cade! Are y'all ready to see this over the summer? We're excited! #sharetheFUN with #prFUNfacts

That Beast of a Driveway

That Beast of a Driveway The driveway climbs almost 400ft in .72 miles! HOLY BUCKETS This past season, running up the driveway turned into a fiercely FUN competition for both guests and crew members. We know y'all have been on edge all winter, just waiting for us to announce the one who defeated that Beastly Driveway the fastest!

A Legend

Peter Augustus The Paradise family had to say goodbye to a dear friend this week...we loved him so much and spoiled him to the very last day. He had a great life, and we were lucky to be a part of it. Peter Augustus, for the last 15 years, you were one of the best of the Paradise Crew! You'll always be remembered, old buddy! Wishing you greener pastures, friend. A big thank you to Hannah Hoffman for all of your TLC to Peter for his last weeks with us.

Hold Your Horses!

Hold Your Horses!!! It's time to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2019 PGR Photo Competition!!! John Trabucco!

Ride On!

Photo Contest Winner
And the 1st place winner of the Riding Category is... Ann Savage!!!! There's nothin' like riding in Paradise with the best of friends! Thanks Ann!

What a View!

What a View! " Going to the mountains is going home." — John Muir ...and the winner of the scenic category goes to Paradise's Head Fishing Guide, Dan Towsley!!! Congratulations Dan for taking 1st place in the scenic category. It's quite the trek to Lake Angeline, and well worth it! 2nd place goes to this incredible sunrise behind Fan Rock! John Trabucco, you captured it perfectly. When the sun rises behind Fan Rock, the mountains glow. Great capture, Bob Ochoa. Congratulations on 3rd place! Another round of tremendous photos! So we thought that we could share a few more! 1. Brad & EB Irving. "The Hills are Alive" 2. Sunny Krugh, "A Frosty Sunrise" 3. Shelli Dalton, "Misty French Creek" 4. Jess McConnell. "Paradise."

Kids in Paradise

Kids in Paradise Got True Grit Congratulations to the Atwell clan!! You won 1st Place in the Kids Program Category!!! In 2nd place...Maddie Adams! It's hard not to smile with a view like that! This little party animal takes on 3rd place! Congratulations Irving Family! Ya'll sent in some pretty amazing photos. It's hard not to share all of them, so here are a few more! Charlotte with Jake Jax with John Boy! Britt and Ann at Talent Show on Wednesday night! Saying goodnight before the kids leave for campout!