French Creek Saloon

Tall Tales and Good Drinks

Enjoy one of our famous cocktails or a local beer amongst friends. 

Along with all the incredible beauty of The Bighorn Mountains , French Creek Saloon is available to you as a comfortable place to relax in the evening, enjoy a liquid treat, interact with ranch crew and guests and participate in evening activities. Your bartender knows plenty of stories to tell during your week of adventures here and you're all welcome to belly up and enjoy each others' company and tales while the cocktails are served.

In addition to a wide array of bottled domestic and imported beers, tap beer, mixed drinks, and fine liquors, we serve wines by the glass as well as a fine selection of domestic and imported wines. Your bartender will happily recommend a bottle that pairs well with the evening's dinner. You don't have to be a connoisseur to enjoy our store of wines so please don't be afraid to ask for our wine list and try a couple of wines during your stay with us. We also have local Wyoming beer on tap for our beer enthusiasts who come to the ranch.

During family weeks there are many exciting events hosted in The French Creek Saloon throughout your stay, such as a Sing-a-long, Swing Dance Party, Talent Show, Live Music, and a Square Dance. Everyone is welcome to these events and they are great fun for all ages! Live music is featured during our adult-only weeks with our talented crew and guest musicians taking turns to entertain the guests.

Non-Alcohol: For kids, underage adults, and anyone avoiding alcohol, our bartender offers sodas, juices, and non-alcoholic beer. Enjoy a Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple any time!