Always Something New to Discover

The first breath of pure mountain air blended with the sweet aroma of lupine is engraved in my memory from my first ride I took at Paradise. Coming from the Midwest, the majority of my riding had been through wooded areas, open meadows and arena work. As I first loped across the mesa into a horizon of snow capped peaks, Wyoming felt like home for the first time.

Exploring the twists and turns through aspens and the open wild flower covered meadows makes time stand still. No matter which direction you start, almost every horseback ride on which we take our guests begins with the unforgettable welcome of the Big Horns. A top quality of Paradise's riding program is our ability to meet our riders on any level. It still impresses me to see both horse-owning, competitive riders and guests who had mounted their first horse that week come back from their rides feeling satisfied and challenged. Our foreman, Jace, expertly constructs the daily ride schedule based on our guest's desires. With over a million acres to ride on, “variety” would be an understatement when describing the types of rides.

 We often have guests who are maybe a year or two into riding lessons and want have a week of constant riding to improve their skills. Steering your horse through aspens, climbing up mountain sides, and loping through wildflower covered fields all provide a variety of learning opportunities. Our wranglers are excellent at helping your skills improve on everyday ride and we also offer private lessons if one-on-one attention interests you.

Some of our guests prefer to simply walk all week and take in the vast amounts of beauty that surrounds our Paradise. A keen eye can often spot wild life among the Big Horn wilderness. Moose, elk, coyote, and eagles are often found by our visitors. With the background of a babbling creek, new havens are found around every corner.

Every time I hop on my horse to explore the Big Horns, I always discover a new aspect of the area in which I fall in love. I am confident I could live here for the rest of days and continue to find new beauties and adventures each time I ride out from the barn.

 Photo Credits: Cooley Images and Ramona Swift