Wrapping up a season, looking forward to a new one

Wrapping up a season, looking forward to a new one! The guests are gone, the crew has trickled out, and the ranch is empty as we approach the winter months of the offseason. We are surrounded by memories of the 2014 season, which was exciting and memorable for many reasons. The season began with heavy rain which produced a lush, green landscape. Jim Niner, the cowboy singer, said it was the greenest summer in his lifetime. During the month of June, the view on the mesa was a myriad of wildflowers and a stunning array of colors. The 2014 crew was an eclectic group of hard-working, enthusiastic people. We were very blessed this year to have an abundance of musical talent among the crew, which made many nights in the saloon incredibly fun. In September, we were surprised by an overnight snowfall of nearly 20 inches! The guests had to miss a day of riding, but we enjoyed playing games in the saloon with some warm cocktails. Even though each season at Paradise is a little different, we can always count on new friends, old friends, exciting adventures, and countless memories. We can't wait to see all of you in 2015!