Hold Your Horses!

Hold Your Horses!!! It's time to announce the GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the 2019 PGR Photo Competition!!! John Trabucco!

Ride On!

Photo Contest Winner
And the 1st place winner of the Riding Category is... Ann Savage!!!! There's nothin' like riding in Paradise with the best of friends! Thanks Ann!

What a View!

What a View! " Going to the mountains is going home." — John Muir ...and the winner of the scenic category goes to Paradise's Head Fishing Guide, Dan Towsley!!! Congratulations Dan for taking 1st place in the scenic category. It's quite the trek to Lake Angeline, and well worth it! 2nd place goes to this incredible sunrise behind Fan Rock! John Trabucco, you captured it perfectly. When the sun rises behind Fan Rock, the mountains glow. Great capture, Bob Ochoa. Congratulations on 3rd place! Another round of tremendous photos! So we thought that we could share a few more! 1. Brad & EB Irving. "The Hills are Alive" 2. Sunny Krugh, "A Frosty Sunrise" 3. Shelli Dalton, "Misty French Creek" 4. Jess McConnell. "Paradise."

Kids in Paradise

Kids in Paradise Got True Grit Congratulations to the Atwell clan!! You won 1st Place in the Kids Program Category!!! In 2nd place...Maddie Adams! It's hard not to smile with a view like that! This little party animal takes on 3rd place! Congratulations Irving Family! Ya'll sent in some pretty amazing photos. It's hard not to share all of them, so here are a few more! Charlotte with Jake Jax with John Boy! Britt and Ann at Talent Show on Wednesday night! Saying goodnight before the kids leave for campout!

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Rise and Shine for the Winner of the Hiking Category! She woke up early to take the path less traveled. And it made all the difference! 1. Congratulations to Debra Floyd! It was worth waking up before the crack of dawn . . . and not just for the hot coffee and pastries at the top. 2. In 2nd place, we have Ann Savage! She made it to at the 7th alpine lake on the 7 Brother's all-day hike! What a view! 3. Victoria Boyd-Devine, thank you! This photo of y'alls smiling faces as you hike across the Mesa makes us even more excited for next season! ​ She'll never forget this hike with her Grandpa. Dani Reich, thank you for sharing this memory with us! The Crazy Woman Canyon hike is a stunning adventure for all ages and families to hike together! There's nothing like hiking through the Bighorn Mountains in the Cloud Peak Wilderness with no cell phone service, no ATV's, and a small footpath winding its way into the mountains. Dan Towsley, you captured the experience beautifully. Thank you for sharing! Wow! The photos y'all have contributed are amazing! The scenery is beautiful, they are filled with FUN and adventure! Thanks to all of you who entered the hiking category. They are tremendous memories and it has not been easy to choose the winners!

We Caught ourselves the First Winner!

We Caught ourselves the First Winner! ...and for the Fly Fishing category 1.The 1st prize winner of the Fly Fishing category goes to Christie Atwell! That hike up to Lake Angeline was worth it! 2. The 2nd place winner goes to Brad Irving and his jaw-dropping Brown Trout! 3. Our 3rd place winner is Sarah Kaufman and her daughter, Clara's, beautiful Rainbow Trout! A special mention to Alan Reiter for submitting this shot of him and his beaut of a Yellowstone Cutthroat! A big thanks to everyone who shared their Fly Fishing photos with us this past month! It was so much FUN looking through all of them and reminiscing about the summer and not an easy choice. Be sure to take more fly fishing photos next summer for our 2020 Photo Competition!

Romance in Paradise

Romantic Getaway to Paradise Horseback riding across the Mesa, fly fishing in the most beautiful streams Wyoming has to offer, or hiking through the Bighorn forests.... sounds romantic don't you think? Need some Valentine's gift ideas? Well, here's our advice: How about a week during our adults-only weeks? Just the two of you in one of our luxurious cabins with tremendous views of the sun setting behind the mountains or the horses coming back from pasture all from the front porch of your cabin (adult weeks run August 18-September 22, 2019). Or How about the very first family week of June 2-9, 2019? We're offering $250 off per adult and $150 of per child! This is a fantastic time of year. The first of the wildflowers are beginning to appear and the wildlife is still roaming amongst the budding aspen. Catch your breath, from your busy winter in a more peaceful atmosphere. Call soon! Spots are limited!

The Deadline is Approaching!

The Deadline is Approaching! Still planning on entering our 2019 PGR Photo Competition? Midnight of February 7th, 2019! Oh wait... that's this Thursday!? Hurry, hurry, hurry! You're running out of time!