FUN facts 

The Mini Donks, Casper and Cody

Did you know that Paradise Guest Ranch got 2 Miniature Donkeys in 2017?

Ever heard of mini donkeys? They were introduced to the US in 1929, but are native to the Mediterranean Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. There's a lot to know about mini donkeys, and here are 2 favorite FUN facts:

1. They have both monocular and binocular vision. The monocular vision allows them to see two fields of vision at once, and the binocular vision allows them to focus on the same thing with both of their eyes at the same time! Amazing!

2. Mini donkeys have incredible hearing. Each ear can move independently to locate multiple sound sources. Not only do their ears allow them to hear super well, but they are an excellent blood supply! Why does this matter, you might ask? Well, this blood supply is a desert adaption for cooling their bodies since they originate from high-temperature climates. Who knew right?

Mini donkeys are pretty amazing, and Casper and Cody are no exception! This winter they have been learning the skill of pulling a cart, thanks to Hannah and Cade!

Are y'all ready to see this over the summer? We're excited!

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