Celebrations in Paradise

One of the most popular reasons people come to Paradise is to celebrate important life events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Those who choose to do this often bring their entire families to celebrate their momentous occasion. This is where Paradise truly shines! We have such a diverse array of activities for all ages, from hiking to fly fishing, as well as a kid's program that allows all ages to build lasting friendships. Here are some stories of families who chose to celebrate incredible milestones in Paradise.

Mindy McGee came to Paradise as a guest this year, but four years ago she was our bartender! Recently, Mindy completed her master's degree in special education, using it to continue her career as an educator in the Baltimore city school district. As a member of the Paradise family, we were honored to celebrate this incredible achievement with her.

The Jacobsen family came to Paradise this year for their annual family reunion, which they normally hold in one place every year. Each part of the family lives in a different corner of the US, from North Carolina to Hawaii. This year, they wanted to change it up and have an adventure together, and we are honored they chose Paradise Ranch to do it!

Shirley and Peter Thatcher came to Paradise in June to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Others have done this as well, but what separates Shirley and Peter is how they met. In 1957, Shirley was 16 and Peter was 17. Shirley was working as a housekeeper and Peter a fill-in wrangler at Paradise Ranch. They met and their relationship flourished over that summer. When summer ended, they both went their separate ways but wrote letters to each other for six years. After that, Peter asked Shirley for her hand in marriage, and she said yes! In 1964 they became husband and wife, and in 2014 they decided to celebrate their 50-year milestone in the place they met 57 years before, in Paradise!

From educational milestones to special anniversaries, Paradise is a place where any and all can create and re-live amazing memories that last a lifetime!