Hiking Program at Paradise

You don't have to walk very far to see natural beauty around Paradise! For some, taking in the views from the front porch of the cabins is enough. For others, a hike is a great way to take a break from riding and enjoy the scenery of the Bighorn Mountains. Surrounded by over a million acres of the Bighorn National Forest, the hiking opportunities at Paradise are endless.

We have a wide variety of hikes for all difficulty levels. Take a quick stroll up to the mesa...

or hike all the way to Seven Brothers with our hiking guide.

The scenic Bighorn Mountains offer breathtaking views and it's almost guaranteed that you'll spot a pronghorn, moose, elk, or deer.

Start your day off with a short hike up to Fan Rock to watch the sun rise...

Or wait until Thursday afternoon-- when the horses are resting-- to walk through Crazy Woman Canyon.

The Bighorn Mountains are full of beauty and splendor, and it's up to you to decide if you want to expore them on horseback, with a fishing pole in hand, or on your own two feet. Whatever you decide, we can accomodate it at Paradise!