Journeys in Paradise

As my time here in Paradise draws to a close, I have spent time reflecting on the journeys we all take in life, and the effect Paradise has on those. For some, Paradise has forever altered where their life journey takes them; for others, Paradise is the beginning of their life journey. Regardless of the circumstances, the majesty of Paradise Ranch has an effect on the very soul of those who step foot on its land, and over the past three months it has surely had a remarkable one! 

The vistas of Paradise capture each and every person that get the opportunity to view them. The raw, untouched wilderness, the lush greenery, and the wildlife are a combination rarely seen in our world. Just as those who occupied this land hundreds of years ago, our guests are touched by its beauty and marvel at its magnificence.

Not only do our guests take mental or spiritual journeys at Paradise, but they take literal ones each and every day on our horses. The trust placed in them allows an incredible relationship to be built that is cherished by all. Each year, we get hundreds of horse requests from past guests who rave about how amazing their horse was, and the special bond they built with them. 

During my time in Paradise, I have met people that have become my second family. It always amazes me that if it weren't for Paradise, we never would have crossed paths, but because of Paradise we have forged a lasting friendship. After all of my experiences at Paradise Ranch, this is the one that amazes me the most, the power of Paradise to bring people together.