Not Just Any Saloon

Every establishment of family and friends needs that one central gathering place. The place that everyone feels safe to be themselves. I grew up in a family of Italians, so naturally ours was the kitchen. Some of the best memories are centered around the table, everyone talking over one another, laughing uncontrollably, and of course mass amounts of food. At Paradise, The French Creek Saloon is more than just a bar. Yes our wine and alcohol selection is top notch, but the saloon is without a doubt a perfect place to create new friends and new memories. It has become the central location for socializing on the ranch. When chatting with past guests or past employees, it is often the setting for dozens of “remember when...” moments.

 After a long day of riding, fishing and hiking, our saloon's very nature allows for time to relax and recuperate in preparation for another day of fun. Although the bar is located here, during family weeks the saloon appeals to all guests. It melts my heart to watch our multi-talented wranglers pull in tiny cowgirls to dance on Tuesday nights. Wednesday talent show beings barrels of laughs that echo through our beautiful log lodge. Every season we make sure to hire a well rounded crew. We love having maintenance crew who can play piano and waitstaff that can dance. We hope to not only wow our guests with spectacular rides, fishing trips, clean cabins and service, but also with entertainment and good conversation at the saloon.

 Our guests love having the time to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the company of staff, guests or family. The best part of having week-long stays for our guests, is the chance it gives me to actually get to know the amazing people that come through Paradise. We feel lucky that year after year we are able to brag on our wranglers and fishing guides. They are often the face of Paradise as the guests spend so much of their day with them. We truly have an amazing team at the barn and fly shop, however the rest of our staff is compiled of hardworking outstanding people as well. Our evening activities at the saloon let our guests get to know their housekeepers, waitstaff, chefs, maintenance crew and everyone else behind the scenes. During the day, there is so much to do to make Paradise run seamlessly. Evenings allow our whole crew to get to know our amazing guests. Knowing who we are serving helps us work even harder for them.


 Every person who walks through the saloon doors that first Sunday evening of the week, has a story. Whether it be over dinner or while enjoying a glass of wine and some amazing music at the saloon, Paradise allows relationships to be formed. Many of our guest return year after year and call the ranch their second home. The amount of life long friendships that have been formed here are countless. Yes, the scenery is jaw dropping and the activities are an absolute blast, but it's the people that make it feel like a home-away-from-home.